Public Education

River Springs Middle School 2015

  MCOF visited River Springs Middle School in Orange City, FL to teach 7 classes grades 6 thru 8 everything from breeding, care, showing, history, and anatomy! It was quite a day with inquiring minds!

Woodward Avenue Elementary 2015

MCOF visited 12 classrooms grades 1 – 3 during these two days educating over 216 children! Special thanks to Club Ambassadors Kirk Blank and Chantel Banks and their mastiffs, Kapone, Brutus, and Atticus!

Boy (Cub) Scouts of America 2014

MCOF member, Kirk Blank spends some valuable time with the Cub Scouts teaching them all about Pet Safety and getting points towards their pet pins!

Woodward Avenue Elementary 2014

MCOF member, Kirk Blank and his mastiff, Kapone showing the kids at  how much they grow in 1. 5 years!

MCOF had a fantastic morning educating the first and second grade students on Dog Safety. Prior to our team’s presentation all the teachers were supplied a video on Dog Safety as an introduction to our program. Kirk and Hope and their mastiff’s reviewed the items in the video and then had them demonstrate hands on. They also answered lots of questions for those inquiring minds.

The staff was so excited about our visit they want to implement an annual program for the kids. Many wanted more information about becoming more involved in our organization! As for us? We look forward to adding Woodward to our list of schools we are visiting!

Clyde E. Lassen State Veterans Nursing Home 2014

MCOF Junior member, Tyler Stephens, and his girls, Potcake and Pinky, went to visit the Veterans at Clyde E. Lassen State Veterans Nursing Home in St. Augustine, Florida.

Tyler and his girls were well received, although most people were surprised at the size of the dogs. After a bit of initial shock, everyone loved the gentle giants! They made the rounds and visited with several service men and women. Dick Remieres (pictured) got a chance to get up close and interact with Tyler, Potcake, and Pinky. He was all smiles as he posed for a picture with the trio. 

Tyler and his dogs were there not only to support our past service members, but also to spread and raise awareness of the Mastiff breed.